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  • Multi-faceted entrepreneur, business owner, author, investor, and consultant with a strong background in strategy, operations management, finance, and marketing for business evolution and strategic growth
  • Major focus on vision and mission development and executive financial and marketing management with a small business and automotive industry concentration
  • Proven ability to execute to plan
  • Inspiring and educational public speaker with an engaging and down-to-earth manner and 9 published books.




Equity Investor & Board Member                            June 2018 to Present

Part of team working on taking this public company private in conjunction with Stellex, a NY-based private equity firm.

  • Fenix is composed of 12 east coast recycling companies that merged into a public company in 2014.
  • Additional information is at



President                                                                   March 2001 to Present

Investment management focused on commercial real estate development, leasing, and management.

  • Manage staff including construction, property, and leasing managers.
  • Oversee management of owned commercial/industrial properties 1.5 million square feet, 700 self-storage tenants, 300 salon tenants, and 11 tenants in the auto recycling business.
  • Adept at construction management, including preparing scopes, soliciting bids, processing draws on multi-million dollar projects, preparing loan applications, managing lending relationships, negotiating leases and finish out, and managing construction to completion.
  • Own and manage self-storage business, Blue Mound Self Storage.
  • Rent studios to health and beauty experts at Salon Galleria, which has several locations in the Fort Worth area.
  • Additional information is at



President and founder                                             June 2017 to Present

Developer of an innovative North Fort Worth business park made from 100+ eco-friendly beautifully finished shipping containers. Add space when you need to by adding another container. Spaces starting at $875 per month.

  • 2-story units with restroom and patio
  • All have storefront glass doors
  • Small warehouse units attached, outside storage available
  • Units starting at 320sf, add as many units to get desired space
  • Energy efficient construction
  • High quality finish out
  • Happy State Bank among anchor tenants
  • Visit


MR. MISSION, Haltom City, TX

President and founder                                               July 2003 to Present

Public speaker and coach for small business professionals and entrepreneurs. Based on my experience, the Mission Possible program teaches entrepreneurs how to achieve maximum success in business.

  • Lead productive and informative business mentoring groups.
  • Specialize in Internet-based business growth strategies, consulting with small businesses about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Inspiring public speaker and entrepreneur
  • Regularly serve as a consultant in the areas of business growth and profit improvement.
  • Member of National Speakers Association
  • Visit
  • Author of 10 business books on entrepreneurship listed below.



Senior VP and founder                                               January 2015 to May 2017

Developer Founded and advised a group seeking to improve dog breeding for the dogs and establish standards for breeders and dog auctions. Group created a nationwide database of dog-breeding laws and regulations to make dog-breeding law accessible.

  • All volunteer effort composed of wide cross section of professionals including breeders, veterinarians, business owners, rescuer group members
  • Focus on supply side of dog industry to establish clear, fair, practical standards focused on well-being of dogs.
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SALON AND SPA, Grapevine, Burleson and Arlington TX

President and founder                                            January 2011 to Present

Developer of a nine-location 300-space spa and salon chain that offers tenants help building their following and becoming more successful business owners. Salon and Spa Galleria gives aspiring and established entrepreneurs the opportunity to achieve more by using the latest tools and working in desirable, high-traffic locations.

  • Salon marketing plan written by Ron Sturgeon.
  • Special seed money programs for beauty school graduates
  • Dedicated website and in-house search marketing team
  • Salon social media presence and e-mail marketing support.
  • Locations in Grapevine, Burleson and South Arlington, Texas, over 125 suites
  • Visit


DFW Elite Toy, dog friendly, Haltom City, TX

President and founder                                       January 2007 to Present

Creator of antique and rare toy and dog museum in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Museum houses more than 3,000 rare toys, scale models
  • Includes rare Eva Braun Tippco Mercedes Toy.
  • Significant collection of German driving school models
  • Several handcrafted scale models by Michelle Conti, model maker for Enzo Ferrari.
  • Dog antiques and toys
  • Free and open to the public
  • Visit


PEER, Haltom City, TX

President and founder                                            March 2003 to March 2016

Facilitator offering peer benchmarking and collaborative strategic planning to business owners and professional practices. Currently specializing in health care providers, especially OBGYN, family physicians, plastic surgeons, and critical care providers. Groups forming for restaurant owners, attorneys and other types of small businesses.

  • Compare metrics and zero in on right areas to improve results and see how your venture compares to similar firms across the country in each crucial metric.
  • Learn strategies and tactics other practitioners are using right now to achieve superior results for those metrics.
  • Prioritize the initiatives to lower costs, increase revenues, and grow profits.
  • Build business relationships and friendships with other entrepreneurs from markets across the country running businesses similar to yours.
  • Get re-inspired to dominate your local market by tapping the collective experience in your industry that only peer benchmarking provides.
  • Visit .
  • Wrote book on peer benchmarking. See books section.



Owner/President                                                 August 2006 to December 2012

Venture providing exotic car driving experiences for local residents and tourists.

  • Sold over 5,000 driving experiences in the first 18 months of operations, offering one-hour driving experiences on Groupon and Living Social
  • Created successful Internet marketing strategies to provide exposure and grow the business.
  • Own and market a popular exotic car storage business, Dallas Car Storage.
  • Additional information at


Pick n Pull, Division of SCHNITZER INDUSTRIES [SCHN], Arlington, TX

Vice President of Operations                                October 2005 to February 2006

This business purchased Greenleaf Auto Recyclers LP from me and my partners on Sept. 30, 2005 for $23.5 million as announced in an 8k filing.

  • Continued role in real estate and licenses and provided assistance with insurance, construction, and environmental issues
  • Played a key role in transferring operating licenses and updating ownership and officer information, a critical and sensitive area requiring high level understanding to avoid issues with salvage yard licenses
  • Demonstrated the ability to start and run companies and produce sustained profitable growth, including transforming a business with six employees and $1 million in sales into a successful enterprise with 900 employees and $140 million in sales.



Senior VP of Operations, director, and equity partner     June 2003 to Sept. 2006

Nationwide auto recycling firm divested by Ford Motor Company with 26 locations in 15 states and more than 900 employees. This purchase included the Texas sites I sold to Ford in 1999, as well as additional sites purchased by Ford from 1999-2001.

  • Acquired, with partners and Cardinal Investments, the Greenleaf LLC subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, including AAA Small Car World – the original operations acquired by
  • Ford from me in 1999. Included in the acquisition were 26 sites in 15 states and approximately 900 employees.
  • Assisted in planning and road show to obtain a substantial equity investment from Cardinal Investments in Dallas, as well as asset-based lending in excess of $5 million from an investment fund in the Southeast.
  • Assisted on projects including process improvement and control, sales controls and training, purchasing and distribution, and marketing.
  • Functioned as a liaison for the auto recycling industry, handling PR and assisting with marketing and advertising.
  • Responsible for all legal, zoning, licensing, environmental compliance, real estate construction concerns, and leases.
  • Additional responsibilities included P&C insurance for all 26 locations in 15 states and handling claims.
  • Additional information on the company is available at, Haltom City, TX

President                                                                           March 2002 to Present

Business consulting, primarily to auto recycling-related businesses, such as auto salvage yards, legal specialists, investment analysts, and insurance companies. Recent engagements have included providing expert testimony, assisting with claims and contract settlements, supporting valuation and condemnation issues, assisting buyers and sellers of salvage businesses, and providing advice on increasing operational profitability to yard owners. There are currently two other consultants on staff.

  • Wrote a number of books on entrepreneurship and lessons learned while in the auto salvage business for 3 decades that are in the book’s section
  • Developed and conducted industry seminars focusing on accounting and tax issues, inventory valuations, marketing, shipping procedures and issues, pay for performance, and leveraging technology to improve sales and profits.
  • Developed proprietary products for assisting buyers and sellers in the value recycling businesses.
  • Write monthly articles for seven industry-related publications, including American Recycler, Global Connection (member publication for APRA-Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association), and Recyclers Power Source.
  • Back issues of the monthly newsletter are at
  • Keynote speaker for many conventions, including two in Australia. Topics included industry trends, motivating and managing employees, marketing, sales, and practical methods for improving profits.
  • Additional information at



Chairman, president, and founder                               January 2001 to August 2002

Insurance salvage auto auction providing specialized services to insurance companies for the retrieval, storage, and sale of damaged vehicles to wholesale buyers.

  • Researched and analyzed wholesale salvage market and developed business plan, including governance, operating, and financial considerations for market entry.
  • Planned and executed a $2 million in-house private equity placement with 18 investors.
  • Planned and constructed a new 30-acre secure storage and sales facility.
  • Developed strategy, deployed marketing approach, and oversaw startup operations.
  • Exercised senior management responsibilities, reporting to the board.
  • Within 12 months of completion and startup, negotiated and sold to the largest publicly held competitor, Copart, Inc. (NASDAQ: CPRT).



Regional manager                                                       August 1999 to March 2001

Automotive recycling subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. Acquired AAA Small Car World and five other operations in Texas from me and then added more than 25 locations nationwide.

  • Managed six Texas locations with 150 employees and achieved 50% growth in sales in 18 months
  • Member of Greenleaf CEO Advisory Committee to design best practices, assist in operating decisions, and streamline integration of sites.



Co-Founder, investor, and board member                  1997 to 2000

A software development company, formed as a joint venture with Actual Systems UK to develop and deploy a new recyclers management system ERP in North America. The only two systems available for recyclers were legacy systems. The system designed and deployed was, and currently is, the state-of-the-art system designed for recyclers. The system was installed by Ford Motor Company in its recycling division.

  • Assisted in required capitalization, set up of board, and recruiting of recyclers to serve on design committee.
  • Assisted in hiring and staffing ASA and soliciting technical third party support of development procedures.
  • Assisted in plans to alpha and beta test the new system, including installations and transfer of existing data from Hollander and Auto Info systems.



Founder and managing partner                                   1996 to 2000

A business-limited partnership providing management information systems, technology, marketing, certification, and training solutions to more than 300 automotive recycling businesses throughout North America.

  • Spearheaded innovation in an industry not known for such. In a David and Goliath story, single handily notified, then organized recyclers before the FTC in a wrongful acquisition by ADP.
  • Founded a Limited Partnership of over 300 automotive recyclers, raising over $3 million, in response to an industry need for co-operation and alternative to limited support from industry’s existing recycler management information and inventory control systems.
  • Testified before the Federal Trade Commission concerning Automatic Data Processing (ADP) acquisition of Auto Info, Inc. ADP was directed to divest Auto Info by FTC order because of anti-competitive practices.
  • Developed and issued RFP for an enterprise-level software application to replace the two existing industry legacy systems.
  • Conceived the “Damage Standard Card,” now an industry standard for recyclers and collision repairers, providing a common language for describing damage on recycled parts.
  • Conceived, designed, and published “Premium Parts Magazine” (distributed nationwide) with an accompanying software for gathering and publishing recyclers’ inventories to customers.
  • Formed a joint venture with a UK-based technology firm to design and implement a plan to bring alternative software technology to the U.S. market. This solution, called Pinnacle, was later installed in Greenleaf’s operations in North America.


AAA SMALL CAR WORLD INC., Auto Recyclers Inc., Ft Worth, TX

Founder, president, and CEO                                     1980 to 1999

One of the largest auto recycling businesses in the United States with over 140 employees. Gross revenues of over $14 million. After 20 years of successful operation, business was sold to Ford Motor Company’s subsidiary, Greenleaf, LLC in 1999.

  • Founded recycling business with one employee in 1980, growing it to 140 employees in 6 locations throughout Texas with revenues of over $14 million.
  • Pioneered registration and regulation in an industry with very little, with great resistance to environmental regulation, working with the national association for recyclers.
  • Was one of the first recycling businesses in the U.S. to computerize operation. Helped design and implement continued improvement in the software, including use of handheld computers.
  • Acquired and divested approximately a dozen recycling businesses, with and without real estate.
  • Planned and executed, in house, a Regulation D private placement of $1 million to position company for growth.
  • Participated actively in state, national and international industry associations and taught seminars on various issues including computerization, marketing, inventory valuation, and shipping.
  • Testified before FTC on anti-trust issues concerning the only two material providers of software to the industry. AAA Small Car World/Auto Recyclers, Inc. operation was the single largest industry user of CCI software.
  • Served as an expert witness on inventory and cost of goods valuation for a venture capital firm that funded an attempted consolidation of automotive recycling businesses.



President and owner                                             1977 to Present

Used car dealership.

● Obtained dealer license, P16-747, which is still active today.


AAA SMALL CAR WORLD (formerly AAA Bug Service), Ft Worth, TX

President and owner                                              1973 to 1980

Started VW repair business following high school. Branched into repairs and sales of all imports and collision repair and estimating. Accumulated approximately 35 wrecked cars that became the starting inventory for an auto recycling business.



  • Tarrant County College
  • Finance & Marketing Major



  • Automotive Recyclers Association (awarded Lifetime Achievement Award 2016)
  • Ft. Worth and Dallas Chamber of Commerce
  • Ft. Worth and Dallas Better Business Bureau
  • Fort Worth Mercedes Club (past president)
  • Texas Automotive Recyclers Association
  • United Recyclers Group (founder & past managing partner)
  • Citizens Zoning Committee member, City of Ft Worth
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment member, Colleyville TX
  • Supporter of several charities, including Big Brothers & Sisters of Arlington, and the Dallas chapter of the SPCA



  • The Insider’s Guide to Earning 100k as a Self-Employed Salon Pro  by Mr. Mission Possible Publishing,  August 2017
  • Mr. Mission Possible Magazine, August 2015
  • 409 Low-Cost Events that will Produce New Clients for Your Small Business in Any Economy, published by Mission Possible Publishing, August 2012
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  • Green Weenies and Due Diligence , published by Mike French & Co, Oct. 2005
  • How to Salvage Millions,  published by Mike French & Co., May 2002, (2nd printing June 2003)


PUBLICATIONS(Syndicated monthly articles on business in a number of publications, 2001 to present)

  • Getting to Yes with Your Banker,,  March 2018
  • New Fort Worth Office Project , Dallas Innovates, March 2017
  • Secrets to Ron’s Success, Business Owner’s Roundtable, March 2017
  • Metrics and Milestones , by Paula Felps 2016
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  • Ft Worth Star Telegram,  Mar 1998 (many stories in the Star Telegram)
  • Dozens of other articles in local and regional newspapers and magazines.



  • CNBC Blue Collar Millionaire (Aired Jan 11, 2016)
  • Lone Star Adventures, (Aug. 2015, tour of toy museum)
  • Numerous news shows on cars, entrepreneurship, real estate, toys & dogs
  • Going to the Dogs Sizzle Reel, 2013
  • CBS 11, Titanic, April 2012
  • Good Morning America (with dogs) 2007
  • Billionaire Car Club (with Andrew Firestone) 2007
  • HGTV, Pet Palaces 2004



  • 2018 Getting to Yes with Your Banker, with Greg Morse
  • 2017 ARA National Convention, Ron’s Forthcoming Book Homeless to 100 Million
  • 2016 Keynote Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers, State of the Industry
  • Numerous state recycling association conventions and keynote and individual training sessions on marketing operations and finance
  • Keynote and most requested speaker at URG
  • Keynote speaker, Automotive Recyclers Association
  • Keynote speaker, Australian Auto Recyclers Association Convention
  • Keynote speaker, Parts Plus, a 56-unit Australian Recycler Co-operative
  • Keynote speaker, University of TX. at Arlington Entrepreneur Society
  • Numerous entrepreneur groups & Chamber of Commerce meetings.PERSONAL
  • Hobbies include collecting antique toy cars and full-size imported sports cars
  • Loves to spoil his 3 “babies”, King Charles Cavaliers, fosters rescues for the breed
  • They have appeared on an HGTV special and in a dozen dog & auto magazines.